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Welcome to treesensor is a state of the art software program that integrates with the latest tree motion sensors to accurately measure the structural stability of tree structural root zones.

Structural root zone movement is measured and recorded by a tilt sensor attached to the base of the tree. is a sophisticated yet easy to use tool that uploads and interprets data from the sensor. A key advantage of is the ability of the software to filter data and exclude movement produced by shock loading, vibration and other non-wind related influences on the tree.

Files are processed within minutes, generating a detailed report. The report gives a complete summary of the movement of the tree’s structural root zone that occurred during the monitoring period.

Tilt data is the simplest and most accurate way to provide technical data on the dynamic movement of structural root zones. This information allows tree managers to scientifically assess tree structural root zone movement, which facilitates management decisions and the long-term preservation of trees.

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TreesensorLive application now available for analysis and reporting on your TMS sensors.


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